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Workplace Health Without Borders

Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to ensuring healthy working conditions for workers everywhere.


Imagine a world where everyone goes home at least as healthy as when they went to work


Preventing occupational disease worldwide

Work-related disease kills 2 million people a year around the world – more than other well-recognized global health and safety challenges like HIV/AIDS, armed conflict and automobile crashes. Another 160 million people in the world get sick every year from occupational health hazards. Not only adults are affected: 168 million of the world’s children are child labourers, half of whom work in hazardous conditions. The International Labour Organization estimates that occupational injury and disease cost the world $2.8 trillion (USD) every year.

Dedication to the prevention of occupational disease motivated the creation of the non-profit organization Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB). Incorporated as a charity in Canada since 2011, WHWB has a network of more than 600 people around the world, including occupational hygienists, physicians and others concerned about workplace health. Branches have been formed in the United States, Australia and the UK.

Our Mission and Vision

WHWB’s vision is a world where workers, their families and communities do not get ill because of their work. Our mission is to prevent work-related disease around the world through shared expertise, knowledge and skills.


What We Do

WHWB members volunteer their time to offer training, mentoring and technical assistance to develop capacity for preventing occupational disease around the world. Following are examples of our work.

  • • Training Programs
  • • Mentoring Programs – WHWB-UK is sponsoring a Mentee for OHTA exams
  • • Professional and Public Awareness
  • • Support for International NGOs
  • • Projects – working with agate workers in India, stone-crushers in India and Brick plants in Africa and Asia. WHWB-UK is developing Silica Awareness e-learning to OHTA standard and has a competition to design a fan for LEV.

This course was produced by the UK branch of WHWB (WHWB-UK).